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>> EP 1 Alan Jones Long After Hannibal Had Passed With Elephants: Poems and Epigrams

>> EP 2 Bruce Benderson Toward the New Degeneracy: An Essay (2nd Edition)

>> EP 3 Peter Halley Recent Essays, 1990-1996 (out of print)

>> EP 4 Nanni Cagnone The Book of Giving Back: A Poem

>> EP 5 Jonathan Lasker Complete Essays, 1984-1998

>> EP 6 Cid Corman Tributary: Poems

>> EP 7 B.H. Friedman Swimming Laps: Stories and Meditations

>> EP 8 Abraham David Christian La Salle des Pieds Perdus: Drawing / Zeichnung

>> EP 9 Remo Guidieri Too Late Too Early: An Essay

>> EP 10 Rackstraw Downes In Relation to the Whole: Three Essays from Three Decades, 1973, 1981, 1996 (2nd Edition)

>> EP 11 Demosthenes Davvetas Architecture of Tears: Stories, Poems, Aphorisms

>> EP 12 Mary de Rachewiltz For the Wrong Reason: Poems

>> EP 13 John T. Spike Dissimilar Revelations: Essays on Neolithic Art, Fra Angelico, Velázquez, Goya, and Cézanne

>> EP 14 Vik Muniz Natura Pictrix: Interviews and Essays on Photography

>>EP 15 Saint Clair Cemin Fragments of a Mind: Stories and Comments on Art, 1987-2004

>>EP 16 Enrico Pedrini Irreversibility and the Avant-Garde: An Essay on Physics and Modern Culture

>>EP 17 Nanni Cagnone Index Vacuus: Poems

>>EP 18 Robert Burke Every Occupation in America: Photography and Reflections on Earning a Living

>>EP 19 Joseph Masheck The Carpet Paradigm:  Integral Flatness from Decorative to Fine Art

>>EP 20 Peter Nadin The First Mark:  Unlearning How to Make Art

>>EP 21 Ross Bleckner Examined Life:  Writings, 1972-2007

>>EP 22 Joseph Nechvatal Towards an Immersive Intelligence:  Essays on the Work of Art in the Age of Computer Technology and Virtual Reality, 1993-2006

>>EP 23 Andrew McCarron Mysterium: Poems

>>EP 24 Brunella Antomarini The Maiden Machine: Philosophy in the Age of the Unborn Woman

>>EP 25 Peter Halley Selected Essays 1981-2001

>>EP 26 Peter Nadin Taxonomy Transplanted: Art, Language, Farming

>>EP 27 In the Language of Barbarians, I Would Tell You Stories Brunella Antomarini, Bruce Benderson, Ilya Bernstein, Edward Burns, Peter Carravetta, Carmen Firan, Andrew McCarron, Peter Nadin, Mary de Rachewiltz, Annie Reiner, Adrian Sangeorzan, Paolo Valesio, Robert Viscusi

>>EP 28 Rackstraw Downes Nature and Art are Physical: Writings on Art, 1967-2008

>>EP 29 Donald Baechler Victim of Improvement: Telegrams, Stories, Letters, Monologues, Interviews, 1985-2006

>>EP 30 Jonathan Lasker New Collected Essays, 1984-2019

>>EP 31 Peter Nadin The Mark Series: Method and Manual – Art, Poetry, Farming, Ceramics, Film, 2003-2018


>>Abraham David Christian La Salle des Pieds Perdus: Drawing / Zeichnung

>>The Gifts: Gold - Frankincense - Myrrh Artists: Saint Clair Cemin, Alessandro Twombly, Not Vital, Abraham David Christian. Writers: Nanni Cagnone, Demosthenes Davvetas, Richard Milazzo

>>Richard Milazzo Jonathan Lasker: Expressions Become Things — From Sketch to Study to Painting

>>Ross Bleckner My Life in The New York Times (art)

>>Ross Bleckner A3: Our Lives in The New York Times (art)

>>Joan Bankemper A Good Run with Sal Scarpitta, 1983-1990 and Scarpitta / Bankemper:  5 + 10

>>Daniel Rothbart Seeing Naples: Reports from the Shadow of Vesuvius

>>Peter Nadin The First Mark / Taxonomy Transplanted / The Mark Series