Ordering Information

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Price of regular editions: $10.00 each, except where otherwise indicated.
Special limited editions: price as indicated or upon request.
Discount schedule: 2-4 books, 20% per title; 5 or more, 40% per title; 49 or more, 50% per title.
Add $3.99 for postage and handling for the first book and $.50 for each additional title. 
Add $1.00 N.Y. State Sales tax where applicable.

Make checks payable to EDGEWISE PRESS, INC., and mail to:
Edgewise Press
24 Fifth Ave. No. 224
New York, N.Y. 10011
Also: pay online with PayPal.

For further information contact: 
Richard Milazzo, Howard B. Johnson, or Joy L. Glass at 212-387-0931 
email: epinc@mindspring.com
websites:  edgewisepress.org and richardmilazzo.com

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